BHS training courses & seminars 2019-2021 : Non-malignant hematology

  Le 11/14/20 • 9h00 > 13h00

Hof Ter Musschen, UCL St-Luc campus, Av. Emmanuel Mounierlaan 2, Brussels

The BHS training course and seminars have been offered for many years to individuals interested in the practice of clinical and laboratory hematology. The aim of the course is to provide evidence-based theoretical teaching as well as practical information about the diagnosis and treatment of hematological disorders. The course is designed as a 2-year cycle including 6 or 7 seminars per year, covering each a major theme of hematology. Each seminar is divided into 5-6 topics related to the main theme.

Topics of this seminar

  1. Thrombocytopenia
  2. Leucopenia (neutropenia, lymphopenia) and leucocytosis
  3. Immunodeficiency (hereditary & acquired)
  4. Aplastic anemia
  5. Iron overload disorders and iron chelation
  6. Hematological problems in pregnancy

Program of the 2-year cycle

Second year 2020-2021

14 November 2020

Seminar 9 - Non-malignant hematology
Coordinators : Koen Theunissen (Hasselt) / Catherine Lambert (UCL)

12 December 2020

Seminar 10 - Hemostasis
Coordinators : Cédric Hermans (UCL) / Katrien Devreese (UZ Gent)

6 February 2021

Seminar 11 - Indolent lymphoma
Coordinators : Vanessa Van Hende (Sint Niklaas) / Marie Maerevoet (ULB)

13 March 2021

Seminar 12 - Hodgkin's lymphoma and aggressive lymphoma
Coordinators : Marc André (Mont Godinne) / Daan Dierickx (UZ Leuven)

24 April 2021

Seminar 13 - Plasma cell disorders
Coordinators : Karel Fostier (Aalst) / Jo Caers (ULg)

5 June 2021

BHS Exam - Course seminars 2019-2021

Practical information 

  • Seminars will take place at the Hof Ter Musschen on the UCL St-Luc campus in Brussels from 9:00hrs. to 13:00hrs.

  • Attendance to the seminar is free for BHS members, including trainees. A fee may be requested from non-BHS members.

  • Trainees in hematology or in Clinical Biology are invited to register on line on the BHS website the beginning of the 2-year cycle. Other BHS members are welcome to attend the course without previous registration.

  • Accreditation will be requested from the RIZIV/INAMI for each seminar.


  • BHS website : click here.

  • Brochure containing the complete 2019-2021 program and detailed practical information : click here.